Angelica Testimony

Angelica was born in Lincoln, Nebraska and raised in different places from Kansas to Texas. She grew up like most kids. She was good most of the time. She grew up in the Seventh Day Adventist church, but never really felt at home in it. Her family moved from Nebraska to Texas when she was about 7-8 years old and lived with her grandparents for a while. During that time, she and her sisters attended a one room school in one of the Sabbath school rooms in the church they attended. There were 9 students from first to fourth grade. It soon became obvious to Angelica that the teacher had favorite students and that she was not one of them. Angelica took that pretty badly, but didn’t realize she was actually being bullied by the teacher. It stressed her out so much that she eventually started pulling out her hair. She still struggles with trichotillomania to this day. Angelica’s parents eventually decided to pull her and her sisters out of that school and into a different and bigger school. They only went to the one room school for one year and the bigger school for one year and then were homeschooled until high school. When Angelica and her sisters got to high school age, her parents let them decide where they wanted to go. Angelica and her sisters went their separate ways while their younger brother stayed home. That’s when Angelica went to Kansas. She was held back a year and repeated ninth grade. While there she lived with her aunt. She only went to that school for one year until her mom decided to pull her from there because of certain issues she had with the curriculum. From there she went to a boarding school in Kansas for two years until it closed for lack of funding. She then joined her younger sister for their senior year in Georgia. After graduating, Angelica moved back to Nebraska for college, but was only able to stay for one semester. She decided she didn’t want to go back to Texas and ended up back in Kansas with her aunt. There she reconnected with a friend and they eventually began dating. Their relationship was toxic and they were on and off a lot. Angelica didn’t realize for a long time that she was being mentally and emotionally abused by him. She soon found out she was pregnant and was convinced to move back to Texas where she eventually cut off contact with her boyfriend. Not long after the birth of her son, she resumed her relationship with him and went to visit him twice. On the second visit, she became pregnant again with her second child. She didn’t realize it until she was back in Texas and her boyfriend tried to make her keep the pregnancy a secret until he could get her back to Kansas, but that didn’t work. Although she didn’t tell anyone at first, her family eventually found out. They convinced her to stay in Texas and about 7 months into the pregnancy she met Paul who eventually became her husband, although she she didn’t fully break up with her boyfriend until after the baby was born. That’s when she realized that she was being abused and she hasn’t spoken to her ex since. About a month after the break up, there was a traumatic experience that happened that still affects her even now. A few months after that she met Paul again and they soon fell in love. Paul eventually introduced Angelica to Messianic Judaism and she now accepts Y’shua as her Messiah. The first time Paul took her to Eitz Chaim, she felt more at home than she ever had in any other congregation. As they continued to go together, they grew together in faith and eventually Angelica became one of the assistant dance leaders.

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