Paul Testimony 

Paul was born in North Texas area and raised in both East Texas and North Texas, but he always called East Texas home. Paul was abandoned by his birth parents at 10 months old to his grandparents which did adopt him. But Paul grew up like most kids did, sometimes good and sometimes bad but had a pretty much normal childhood up until he lost his dad at the age of 13. His dad died from cancer. Paul was very close to his dad, as the saying goes two peas in a pod. He took it hard at the time to the point that he became very depressed, suicidal, angry, and was eventually diagnosed with PTSD. After his dad passed he walked away from believing in anything that do with G-d. He eventually ended up joining a gang and becoming one of the leaders of it. For him in a way it saved his life but also ruined his life for the next 3 years. He even ended up into jail. That’s where he felt the presence of G-d come to him. Once he got out of jail he decided to turn his life around and his mom helped with that by moving them out of the area they were living in. To him, his mom help save his life. For a few more years he struggled with believing in G-d. It wasn’t until he listened to a few Christian rapper (ASAP Preach, KMF), at the time, that really changed his mind and life around to live for G-d. Paul would eventually go from church to church seeking out the truth of G-d. He studied into different faiths, but nothing was working for him and nothing was making sense to him. Until he came across a Jewish Bible, JPS bible which brought the Torah to life for him and started to study into Orthodox Judaism which he started agreeing with. When he was 24/25 years old is when he found out that his birth mom’s parents were Jewish and he never knew that. He was shocked to find it out, but it did make a lot of sense to him because of how he always felt. With him doing all of his studies even into to Judaism, he would eventually come across a Messianic synagogue called Eitz Chaim. It was there under Rabbi David Schiller where he found the most sense, most truth and to the Mashiach (the Jewish Messiah). During that time is also when he meet Angelica his future wife.

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